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"WebChoir provides Web Server, J2EE, and multilingual tools for constructing thesauri, developing taxonomies, and managing metadata.  Complementing these are state-of-art search and retrieval technologies to achieve precision without sacrificing recall."


Personal Tools - TCS-10  Personal:

"is a vocabulary construction system that enables individuals to build sophisticated controlled vocabularies (thesauri, subject headings, classifications, topic maps, taxonomies, etc.) inexpensively and efficiently, and easily to transform any controlled vocabulary into browsable and linkable hierarchies.  TCS-10 Personal incorporates the strengths of TCS-10  for individual use."


Beim DynamOnt Meeting am 18.6.2007 von Gruber Andreas kurz hergezeigt - er hat gemeint, wir sollen uns den Thesauruseditor mal anschauen. 


AutorIn: Hans Christian Pilles; Publiziert von: Hans Christian Pilles (HCPilles)
factID: 1108453.1; Publiziert am 18 Jun. 2007 23:37